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blissful romance <3
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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
January 12th 2005.
long time no updates!!
wow its been a very long time since ive updated on this thing. well i withdrew from mchi yesterday :( and went to register today at ehs which i didnt get to. today as i sat in the office i realized how much i already missed mchi i was soo use to everything the way it was, and i know its going to be a little hard to start all over again at a new school. i got some first ugly looks from some girls there so it kinda felt ohh those people all over i guess haha. aww i miss my boyfriend soo much i didnt realize that it was going to be this hard since i knew that once school started i was going to be able to see him much cus of him working. i was soo used to spending mostly all my time with him during the break. i miss you penguin. well hopefully ill get to start at ehs tomorrow that is if they're not too busy. i cant afford to miss anymore school. well i better be going now. ill try to update tomorrow about my first day at school. byee everyone. love ya'll :D

Current Mood: sad
for me :).
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
December 23rd 2004.
"Tina eat some ham!!"
well my birthday was really fun!! yayyy im finally 17 :) my <33 took me to eat at TGI Fridays during lunch because he loves me. muahh and he got me my movie whoooo which i had to watch immediately. laughed soo hard. I ate later that night with ginger, adree, jon, and my babe at TEXAS ROADHOUSE, i wish joanna could have stayed and i wish cristina, jaee and ellis could have gone. i got many calls this year i was really happy. so thank you to everybody for calling me because you all really made my day special. love you all kiss*kiss. left to ben bolt/alice yesterday and man was it freezing over there nothing like the weather home. saw my dad and NOOO i didnt get a car :( but i got a cake whooooopieee NOT. well right now i am in san antonio visiting my brother and my sister is flying in soon so im pretty excited. my brother girlfriend is so cool she reminds me of a teenager her kids are adorable. well my sister just called that she landed so we're gonna go pick her up. so ill post later. but if i dont then merry christmas everyone!! :D i miss everyone! (miss you penguin..love you)

Current Mood: thankful
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Saturday, December 18th, 2004
December 18th 2004.
i'm up pretty early and i have no idea whyy.
i passed my english exam yesterday yayy thats the one that i needed to pass really bad. so i'm happy. :) after school ginger and i went back to her house and watched the oc with angee. omg it was soo good and its going to get even better. cant wait until january. im so glad that ginger got me hooked on that show because its soo awesome i love it. she better start watching desperate housewives because that ones addicting too. ginger and i looked through a lot of my old pictures from middle school it was soo crazy. we found pics of everyone with their old boyfriends and we found formal pics. those days were great!! im pretty sure she'll prolly post some of the pics up later.
GINGER GOT THE JOB!! im so happy for her. thats where she was last night when i tried calling her. whooo for her.
Last night I went to ryans house and watched movies and took care of him since he wasnt feeling too good. we watched collateral and irobot they were pretty good. then we decided to take a nap and didnt wake up until 12:30. i was soo scared that i was going to get in trouble with my mom. but thank god when i got home she was asleep.(which is normal since shes always asleep)haha right geen.
*3 MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY* :) napolean comes out that day so i really hope i get it. so all of my family can watch it.
well ill post later because i pretty tired now.

Current Mood: tired
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Thursday, December 16th, 2004
December 16th 2004.
in class bored :)
ok its 4th period and im exempting so i dont have to take this stupid test. i wish i could leave a whole hour and a half in here sucks. today we get to leave at 12:30 yayy im so hungry. i have to pick up me TEA but i know that the lady isnt going to give it to me, maybee ginger will help me with that one. i have no money today :( so i hope ryan wins money today so i can eat with him haha jk. awww i already miss having class with blanca because now im starting to talk to her. haha ill have to go visit her during the break at heb. im craving sushi for some odd reason hmmm maybe i can call daddy today to send me some money. 5 more days till my *17th* i hope i get lots of calls that day since i didnt get many last year since i was out of town. i need to go christmas shopping for all of my friends especially for my starday* girls. they are the best... love you all. i think i know what im getting them. kiss*kiss :) ginger was right i am getting addicted to writing in here. thanks for helping me make this. you rock i owe you a coupon from yesterday. haha moving soon to the new house in edinburg i really hope i get a car this break. that would be really nice. i love christmas!! its so funn and i like this cold weather even though i freeze. dont know what to say anymore but ill update laters. byee :)
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Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
December 15th 2004.
finally got an Lj :)
well i just wanted to write a few things in here since i finally have this journal thanks to geen. today was ok i guess. i didnt have any exams today lucky me. i took my love <33 something to eat during his break, gosh i love him soo much. after that i met up with adree, geen, and fendi starr at starbucks to chat. jon met up with us later. we get out early tomorrow how exciting, no exams tomorrow either :) well im off to bed.
for me :).
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